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BARTOLINI 9CBJD-L3/S3 J.Bass (x2) Micrófono Bajo 4 Cdas.

Micrófono Bajo 4 Cdas.

$ 30.950

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Defined and bright hum-free voice with high-end clarity and warmth for your J-Bass

Bright Classic J-Bass pickups give you extra-enhanced treble response and narrower apertures for incisive attack and focused sound without harshness. This added treble definition vastly increases the tonal range available in active or passive instruments. When you dig in, they are responsive and full. When you pull back, they are clear and crisp. And they’ll take any slapping and popping you want to give them and deliver snappy ring. The Classic Bass series is popular with progressive, jazz, gospel, and metal musicians where articulation is critical. They are sweat-proof and won’t crackle and thud when you touch them or hit them with the strings.
If you play a wide variety of music, you know you need some pro-level pickups, but you don’t want to do a big upgrade project, Classic Bass pickups are a great choice. They are passive and will work with your current electronics in most basses. They work very well with an onboard-preamp. These dual inline-coil pickups are hum-cancelling even soloing the neck or bridge pickup, so they are well suited for studio or stage.
Available in balanced bridge and neck versions.


Color Negro
Posicion Recomendada / Estilo Set Jazz Bass


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